Commercial Services

Hamilton Electric has served various types of businesses in diverse settings.  We provide the following services, as well as many others not listed:

  • Conduit bending and installation
  • Small service calls and troubleshooting
  • Rewiring of business facilities
  • Electrical service conversions
  • Replacement (or addition) of light fixtures (standard or energy-efficient)
  • Consultation on energy-efficient lighting
  • Business lighting, indoor and exterior security
  • Wiring and installing security cameras
  • Warehouse (low and high bay) lighting, traditional and energy-efficient
  • Machinery electrical hookup (installation)
  • Installation of phone, data and cable TV wiring
  • Wiring for electric forced air heaters, air conditioning, etc.
  • Whole building grounding systems
  • Surge protection systems
  • Correction of improperly installed electrical wiring

One business went from an antiquated service like this…


             to the current service that looks like this.



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