What are your office hours?

Hamilton Electric operates Monday through Friday beginning at 8:00 a.m. An answering machine has been set up on the phone line to record your messages.  Call 724-538-0065.  Dean Hamilton will return calls as soon as possible.  In addition, you may contact the business through email at info@hamiltonelectricevanscity.com.  We check our email daily.  Depending on work load and the nature of your electrical needs, scheduling of work varies greatly.


Do you take credit cards?

Hamilton Electric accepts either checks or cash at this time.  In order to keep our overhead costs low (and thus our charges to our customers), we do not accept credit cards or PayPal. We do give a Senior Discount as well as a discount to American Veterans. Payment is expected when work is completed on emergency service calls, and within ten (10) days of invoice on other work, unless prior arrangements have been made.


Do you submit a bid upon request for large jobs?

Whenever a customer needs a service revamp (upgrade), new house addition wired, or any large job done, we give you a letter (or email) detailing the work to be done and the expected cost.  By law, in Pennsylvania any work to be done over $1,000.00 must be given in contract form to the customer, who signs both copies and pays 1/3 up front before work is to begin.  This is to protect both the contractor and the customer from fraud.

I work every weekday.  Can we schedule work on the weekend?
We will try to work with the customer to schedule a day that will suit them.